Moments of Relaxation

Villa Sant’ Isidoro, built on the ruins of an ancient monastery of Franciscan friars, stands on the hill of the same name surrounded by the green hills of Macerata, overlooking a breathtaking view which includes the Adriatic Sea, the charm of the countryside, the Sibillini Mountains and the beauty of the vineyards raised like a garden to adorn the villa.


Equipped with climatization units, furnished with vintage and modern pieces, the bedrooms boast a view overlooking the monastery and the Sibillini Mountains. Learn more about our rooms.


The facility offers a pool in the open, along with a coffee bar and a tennis field, an elegant lounge area with a library, and vast gardens with trails to enjoy in the trees’ shade. Learn more about our services.


Surrounded by vineyards, the magnificent exposition of its property grounds were the inspirational motivations at play in the birth of the Cantina Sant’Isidoro. Learn more about our Winery.

Tours & Excursions

What our territory has to offer, thanks to harmonious landscape differences characteristic of the Marche Region, the beauty of which has remained intact even from man’s secular impact, is vast and varied. Learn more about our territory.

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