Relais Villa Sant'Isidoro

Villa Sant’Isidoro is mentioned in Macerata’s historic memoirs of the province as Villa Bartolazzi, in honor of the family who had owned it all throughout last century and changed the original structure substantially.

The villa was built from the ruins of an ancient friars monastery of Franciscan order between the XVII and XVIII century, then, starting from last century, the Bartolazzi family markedly expanded its structure and surface area.

The current owners completely restructured the entire complex, including the charming little church, making functional and architecturally valuable modifications that give an appropriate tribute to its remarkable historical importance.

Villa Sant’ Isidoro is located on the homonymous hill, completely immersed amidst the verdant hillside of Macerata, overlooking a breathtaking scenery spanning over the Adriatic Sea, the charm of the countryside, the Sibillini Mountains and the beauty of the vineyard, brought up as a garden-like adornment all around the Villa.

Villa Sant’Isidoro is located a handful of kilometers away from the marchigian litoral and Macerata, a city full of history and art, famous for its exclusive and sought-after characteristics.

Natural Relax

Swimming Pool

Surrounded by greenery, Villa Sant'Isidoro’s pool space includes a coffee bar, dressing room, parasols and sunbeds. A true oasis of relaxation!

Walking in the Green


Surrounded by large gardens with pathways to enjoy in the shade, it is possible to take walks in the midst of the forest and vineyards while regenerating oneself surrounded by peace and tranquility.

Little Jewel


The current owners have completely renovated the entire complex, including the charming little church.