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Villa Sant' Isidoro is well remebered in Macerata's province like Villa Bartolazzi, in honour of the familiy who had its property last century and changed pricipally the original structure.

The villa is built on an ancient monastery of Franciscan friars between the XVII and XVIII century, then, from the beginning of last century, Bartolazzi's family enlarged basically the structure and the surface.

The current owners restructured all the building, including the beautiful little church, making functional and architectonically value modifies that give the right tribute to the remarkable historical importance.

Villa Sant' Isidoro is located on the homonymous hill and is completely immersed in the verdant hills of Macerata, you can have a breathtaking lookout on the Adriatico sea, the loveliness of the country, the Sibillini Mountains and the beauty of the vineyard, grown-up like a garden all around the Villa.

Villa Sant’Isidoro is situated close to the coast of region Marche and Macerata's city. Macerata is full of history and art, it's famous for its exclusive and very seeked character.

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